Love, Loss, Life & learning to live again

Love, Loss, Life & learning to live again

Love,loss,life, learning to live again: Laura Toop is joined by Matt Abrahams&Nicole Clyde Beherens

In this episode of love, loss, life & learning to live again Laura is in conversation with Matt Abraham and Nichol Clyde Behrens, ‘The Blonde and The Little Indian’.
They talk about self-expression beyond words, and how, on losing his wife and unborn baby boy, Matt didn’t know how to manage or express his emotions and picked up a paintbrush for the very first time, he had never painted before in his life and painting enabled him to step out of his darkness and into the light of his own creation.
“We can wipe away our tears and still smile, there is always hope, and there is always love, sometimes you have to look for it, sometimes you don’t, it just comes”, as it did with Matt’s art.
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Love,Loss,Life & Learning to Live Again: Laura Toop talks with Phil Horrod about life after burnout

In this episode of Love, Loss, Life & Learning to live again Laura is joined by Phil Horrod who runs WorkLife180 and is a burnout coach.
He found this new path, following his 2nd major burnout in his 40s, when he knew he had to make a choice about how he would live his life differently going forward if he wasn’t to risk losing everything again.
He realized he had been the only constant through all life had presented, and that it was his reaction and response to these life events, rather than the event itself, which had created his burnouts.
Using this knowledge, he set about finding a new path for himself and his life, and this conversation he shares with me his journey, what he learned, and how this is enabled him to live life again.

Love, Loss, Life & Learning to Live Again. Laura Toop talks with Tracy Borreson.

In this episode, Laura talks with Personal Branding Expert Tracy Borreson about what it means to be ourselves and to be your authentic self in everything you do.

Love, Loss, Life, Learning to Live again.

In this episode of love, loss, life, learning to live again Laura shares her own story along with some great music too.
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