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Our Yowah Radio Presenters

Steve Twynham Yowah Radio Presenter

Steve is the founder of Yowah Radio.

Steve has worked on a number of radio stations here in the UK and on American platforms.

Steve presents Yowah Breakfast each morning between 7am and 11 am,  probably the best way to start you day.(Steve’s words).

With feelgood music to start your day.

The true or false quiz along with the fun game ‘What song are these words from’. Inspirational guests, the inspirational book of the week.

Yowah Breakfast is a great way to start your day.

Steve works as an Inspirational Coach, Mentor, Speaker & Podcaster.
Steve also presents Glass Half and Conversations On The Porch.
Check out the timings on the Yowah Radio Schedule Page.

One of Steve’s favourite quotes is

‘Amazing Things Rarely Happen In Your Comfort Zone’.

Zoë Bishop

Zoë  is your host for Feel-Good Friday.
Feel-Good Friday is a great way to kick start your weekend, with features such as blessed before your dressed, Zoë’s inspirational book of the week and gratitude moments as she asks you to reflect how the past week has been for you.

Zoë is know as the ‘Journaling Queen’ and is an Ambassdor for the Inspire Now Productivity Journal.

Zoë is a Professional Encourager and huge advocate of all things that support wellbeing. She helps parents, older professionals, and retirees who want to feel encouraged, confident and positive so they can get the best out of every day and the season of life they’re in! 


As a natural encourager and optimist, she brings 35 years of lived experiences and a toolbox of proven wellbeing practices together to offer a unique eight-week encouragement and personal growth programme.


Motivational Firewood with Steve Gamlin.

“If you wake up tomorrow and THINK one more positive thought, SPEAK one more kind word or take at least one more positive ACTION…our time together is a massive win.”

Back-to-basics positivity, engagement and humor. That is the formula Steve Gamlin has been bringing to stages of all sizes since 2004.

This is how Steve opens every event, explaining his mission as The Motivational Firewood™ Guy.

He believes this is the only formula you need to know:

Decide exactly what you want.

Know what it looks like.

Determine who you need to be to achieve it.

Get to work and take action to make it happen.

As the Motivational Firewood™ Guy, Steve walks his talk as authentically as he can, sharing duplicatable steps to success, reminding us all that we have much more power to create it than we may believe.

Blending humor and personal recollections of his own ‘crash and burn to recovery’ life story (Steve’s phoenix rides a pogo stick), he lives his message with every step across the stage and social media.

Inspiration Contagion with Holly Jean Jackson.

Are you looking for inspiration?
Are you tired of all the bad news?
Join Holly for Inspiration Contagion where Holly is joined by inspirational leaders from around the world sharing their inspirational stories.

Check out the Yowah Radio Schedule for the timimgs for Inspiration Contagion

More about Holly.

Holly is a Revenue and Performance Consultant, Speaker, Podcast Host, Author, and founder of Business Builder Throw Down. Her career spans from technology to communications as well as organizational change, public relations and content strategy.

Holly has dedicated over 12 years helping business leaders get their groove back physically, mentally and emotionally. I led a Local to Global Policy Initiative to influence future leaders’ impact on communities. Fun Fact: Played in Carnegie Hall first chair clarinet and am a Black belt in karate.

Yowah Radio Presenter Gail Donnan
Libby Steggles Ginn Yowah Radio Presenter

Parent Talk with Libby Steggles-Ginn.

Libby Steggles–Ginn is the Emoji Coach Empowering Parents to Raise Confident, Resilient and Happy Kids.

Libby is passionate about helping kids, young people, parents and teachers grow their self esteem and confidence so they can be who they truly are instead of being lost in the dark, so they can feel happy and free and live a healthier and more resilient life.

Libby has the empathy and understanding to be able to connect with children as they all deserve to believe in themselves and understand themselves. 

Join Libby the 2nd Wednesday of every momth for the latest episdode of Parent Talk.

Hello Hot Flash with Stephanie Shaw.

Join Stephanie for a weekly interview-style show that helps midlife women navigate wellness and relationships. Learn from the experts how to control hot flashes, sleep better, increase your libido, and tackle anything midlife may throw at you.
Stephanie is ,Podcast Host, Speaker, and Nutrition Coach.

Check out the Hello Hot Flash schedule times right here.

Russell’s Resilience Radio Show

Russell is Yowah Radio’s Resilience Coach.
Join Russell at 3pm UK time on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
Russell share great insights about resilience and plays great music to take you through your afternoon.

 Russell has had a career in Learning, Leadership and Organisational Development, since 2002, spanning the Private, Public and Mutual sectors.

His approach is underpinned by positive psychology.

He has been working with the topics of Resilience and VUCA since 2008 supporting my clients to understand, build upon and develop the behaviours, capabilities and mindset linked to these two topics and use them to face into and work through their challenges.

Russell’s approach is – Let’s find out what energises you and go from there.

Inspirational Insights from Charis Santillie


Charis pops up throughout the day on Yowah Radio with thought-provoking and inspirational insights.

Charis is the founder of Charis Your Life® and a Fulfillment & Life Transition Coach for high achievers. She is also a podcaster, speaker, Certified Fearless Living® Coach, Certified Fearless Trainer, and Positive Intelligence® Trainer and has been an entrepreneur for over twenty years.

A hot air balloon accident, when Charis was nineteen, left her Dad paralyzed with a broken neck and led her Mom to become an alcoholic. Charis managed her internal crisis by staying ridiculously busy. She now helps high achievers live life with balance and purpose.


Well-Being Wednesday with


Join Steve Phillip and the team from the Jordan Legacy for Jordan’s Space.

For more than 11 years, Steve ran a successful consultancy practice, providing coaching, training and as a keynote speaker in the world of social media and sales & marketing. However, on December 4th 2019, he received a call which would change his life forever – his son Jordan had taken his own life.

Faced with the choice of either sitting on a sofa with a bottle or creating something to prevent other families having to experience the trauma of losing a loved to suicide, Steve chose the latter.

Steve soon established The Jordan Legacy CIC to provide hope to people who are feeling suicidal, by engaging all those who share his ambition to move toward a zero suicide society”

Steve’s role at The Jordan Legacy is to co-create and deliver the organisation’s suicide prevention activities and strategies. He is also responsible for the development of partner opportunities.

Steve’s lived experience of suicide, combined with an audience of more than 45,000 followers on LinkedIn, means his story continues to be shared with a global audience of millions.

His articles, blogs & posts on the topics of suicide and mental health have been read by audiences around the globe and I he’s been invited to speak about suicide prevention to the Government’s Cabinet Office, Department for Health & Social Care, the Home Office, MOD and other departments at Westminster, as well corporate businesses and the military.

Steve is responsible. alongside the Legacy’s Paul Vittles, for developing the organisation’s Zero Suicide Community strategy, as well as presenting workshops and talks on the topic of mental wellbeing and suicide prevention.

Your inspirational thought for the morning from Nik Gray

Nik can be heared around 9.15am every day on Yowah Breakfast bringing you an inspirational thought for you morning.

Niks passion is helping business leaders to develop themselves and their teams to achieve the next level of success. Many of  Nik’s clients have been able to spend time away from the business and achieve their goals & dreams. 

Wisdom Chat with Phil Holdsworth

Phil is joined by by inspirational guests from around the world to talk about financial weel-being.

Phil is a Multi Award Winning Money Psychologist and Financial Wellbeing Professional – Helping businesses improve the financial wellbeing of their employees.
Phil says that by addressing our money psychology, how we relate to and behave with our money, alongside promoting financial wellbeing, improving the way we manage our money, he supports individuals and businesses to improve employee wellbeing resulting in higher productivity, lower absenteeism and lower presenteeism. In other words he helps businesses and employees build resilience!

Libby Steggles Ginn Yowah Radio Presenter
Libby Steggles Ginn Yowah Radio Presenter

Flourish with Laura Toop.

Laura describes herself as The Catalyst to Another’s Flourishing.

Whether it is people or businesses, Laura works closely with them to remove overwhelm, get unstuck, and move forward with purpose, enabling them to fully flourish.

When reduced to nothing, following the multiple, successive losses of her husband, health, and career in 2015, and determined not to return to the unhelpful coping strategies of the past, the eating disorders and associated addictions, the controlling more and doing more, it was her skills learned across a 20-year career in corporate change and transformation that became the basis on which she rebuilt her life.

‘Project Me’, as it is affectionately called, was born, and at its’ heart, herself, and her ‘Brand Me’.

Since then, Laura has moved 90 miles to Tunbridge Wells, a town she didn’t know, renovated her house, and made it home, formed new friendships, and set up a business in which she is passionate about, enabling others to create their own ‘Project Me’ and to connect with their ‘Brand Me’, and in so doing, fully flourish.

Most recently, Laura delivered her TEDx talk “What the board room taught me about living life again after loss”, in which she shares how her experiences in the board room became ‘Project Me’ and the bridge to her own flourishing.

Success Coach for High-Achieving Millennials, Lisha Davidovits brings you motivation, inspiration, and wisdom each week  with “Love from Lisha.”

As a Success Coach, Lisha works with high-achieving millennials who have a history of success, and have been recently promoted into a more senior role. Her coaching is key in helping them get out of their head, say goodbye to self-doubt and uncertainty, and make the knot in their stomach disappear. As a result, they experience the success they desire, with clarity, confidence, and courage, firmly believing, “I’ve got this!”

Lisha’s skills are enhanced by 20 years of client-facing experience, mental fitness expertise, certifications as a Positive Intelligence Coach and a Co-Active Coach, and BA’s in Psychology and Rhetoric & Communication.

Outside of coaching, Lisha enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering, baking, exercising, dancing, and savoring time for growth and learning.

Libby Steggles Ginn Yowah Radio Presenter

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