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The confusion about abundance.

There is a lot of confusion about abundance. Many confuse abundance with the things they acquire, money, cars, houses, and stuff. This is not the case. Abundance is a way of being. A way of seeing the world. "Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we...

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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?
What would you say is causing the feeling?
Many blame others for causing the way we feel. If only we could understand that this is not possible.
No one can make you feel overwhelmed.
The feelings are real, but they come from within not from external factors.

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The Problem with WHY?

Thanks to Laura Toop for sharing this post. Join Laura for Flourish on the 3rd Sunday of each month on Yowah radio at 6 pm UK time.   Why do you feel that way? “Why do you feel that way?” “Why does this happen?” “Why do you blame yourself?” “I don’t know”, “I...

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Psychological safety: why making mistakes is good!

As babies, human development is all about trial and error. We can’t learn to walk without stumbling; we can’t learn to talk without babbling. It’s accepted that making mistakes is all part of the development process. Babies have to fall over many times and keep getting back up again – this demonstrates that humans also have a great level of innate resilience! As adults though, many of us are conditioned by our schools, parents, and other peers into believing we are not allowed to make mistakes. This learned attitude hampers growth and learning as we get older.

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4160 and counting.

4160 is an interesting number. 4160 is the number of weeks someone who reaches the age of 80 enjoys on this planet. For a moment stop and think about your age and multiply your age by 52. This is the number of weeks that have passed. How do you live your life? Are you...

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The Beech Hedge and You

Our garden has a lovely beech hedge and at this time of year, it has begun its annual transformation, turning from brown to green. The transformation happens this time every year. It does not happen in January, February, or April. The beech hedge does not compete with...

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