Yowah Radio brings you three new shows with a continuing focus on well-being and personal development.

Listen in from Monday the 28th of August.

Welcome to Holly Jean Jackson.

Holly is a Revenue and Performance Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host, Best Selling Author, and founder of Business Builder Throw Down.
Holly’s career spans from technology to communications as well as organizational change, public relations and content strategy.
In inspiration Contagion Holly is joined by inspirational guests from around the world.


Rob Hoskin & Kaigan Carrie.

Rob and Kaigan are the Co-Founders of The Rise Of Happiness Magazine.
Rise of Happiness magazine is a free publication dedicated to promoting and encouraging wellbeing, mindfulness, and happiness. Their mission is to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives through articles and inspiring stories from individuals who have overcome challenges and found happiness. These are written by the contributors themselves to ensure they are raw and authentic. The magazine also includes expert tips and research on happiness and wellbeing. They cover a range of topics including mental health, self-care, mindfulness, personal growth, and happiness. The readership includes individuals, businesses, and organisations who are passionate about creating a happier world.
Rob & Kaigan now bring the Rise of Happiness toYowah Radio.

Phill Holdsworth.

Phill Holdsworth, is the Managing Director of AurumGold. Like so many others, Phill struggled with money anxiety through financial pressures. His work has been influenced by both his personal experience and by his 20 plus years in the finance sector.
Phill wants to help people who worry about money and experience anxiety, to better understand themselves, their relationship with money, and what their own true aspirations are, whilst simultaneously improving their money management skills.
Phill’s new show is calle Wisdom Chat.
Phill is joined by guests who share their stories and help about Financial Well-Being.

Enjoy the new shows.